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Onelink Buyproperty lie in Guangzhou city north and south main liberation south one intersection , distance of Germany , that road compare with the wholesale market of the speciality is highly centralized , retail shop scale festival once of arterial highway, next to the Zhu Jiang River in the south , connect with Hai Zhu Square in the east , adjoins and enters and leaves the border to handle the card building, and provincial government, municipal Party committee and government , municipal court policy organ and city planning , territory real estate management , tax , government department and city society protect , close at hand executive office of notarizing etc. of working etc..

Onelink Buyproperty ground floors are 138 high. 9 meters, there are 41 layers altogether, it is the landmark on the north bank of the Zhu Jiang River. -4 is expired by- 2 is the underground parking; It is the fine works house ornaments wholesale market of the toy to the 6th Floor to shoulder 1, the area of business is up to 40,000 square meters; 7 is the diet world to the 8th Floor, 9 storeys are the commercial clubhouse, 10 storeys are fine works , toy , house ornaments Convention and Exhibition Center, 11 shows to the 17th Floor that handle official business on storey in trade for the toy , fine works , house ornaments , 18 shows to the 24th Floor that handle official business on storey in trade for the shoes industry , 26, in order to handle official business on floor advancedly to the 37th Floor. Onelink Buyproperty are super-huge modern commerce trading centers incorporating sell in batches , exhibiting and selling , commercial office into an organic whole.
Total construction area : 112,583m² The height of the building : 138. The area of 9 meters of products is planned : Under 70m² , 70-100m² 100-130m² 130-150m² 150-200m²